Objectives of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa

rootComments off. The Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa is a voluntary co-ordinating body whose primary aim is to foster and co-ordinate the practice and teaching of resuscitation, and to promote uniformity and standardization of resuscitation techniques. The Objectives of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa are: To gather and collate as much scientific information regarding resuscitation techniques [...] Read More

Scottish scientists to develop tools to stop heart attacks

rootComments off. Scientists at the University of Edinburgh are to lead a £1.8m project to develop a way of treating heart attacks before they happen. Around 10,000 people in Scotland die every year when fatty deposits blocking the arteries suddenly rupture. The British Heart Foundation-funded project will make use of new advanced scanning techniques. The cutting-edge research [...] Read More


rootComments off. INTRODUCTION Our aim at the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa (RCSA) is to get as many people in the region trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as possible. It is a simple, practical life-saving skill that is best learnt through practise and ought to be compulsory for everyone. The intent of this RCSA “CPR Saves Lives” [...] Read More

Three things your employees must never do with their safety gloves

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Your employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital to keep them safe. Without it, they’re vulnerable to serious injuries. The most common of which are hand injuries. This is because your employees constantly work with the hands and, when they use tools and machinery, it puts them in danger.

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