Compliance Management & Consulting

  • Development and implementation of Health and Safety management systems, specific to your Organisation

  • Develop Contractor Safety Specifications prior to construction projects

  • Notification of Construction work to the Department of Labour

  • Facilitation and development of Baseline Risk Assessments for Organisations

  • Facilitating Task Specific Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments

  • Manage contractor Health and Safety compliance on behalf of the Client during construction projects

  • Compiling Health and Safety Files for contractors on construction projects according to Client specifications

  • Develop Fall Protection Plans specific to your organisation

  • Site Safety Compliance Inspections performed and reported on, at intervals as agreed upon

  • Indlovu Health and Safety can carry certain legal appointments (As required by the OHS Act) on behalf of the Client / Contractor

  • Develop Emergency Response Plans specific to your organisation

  • Implement the Emergency Response Plan for your organisation

  • Facilitate and report on Emergency exercises at your organisation

  • Investigate workplace incidents and accidents

  • Legal Appointments and organograms

  • Develop Safe Work Procedures

  • Develop Checklists and Registers

  • Develop Waste Management Plans

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